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Training Outcomes

Our commitment to deliver quality fire training is demonstrable by our evaluation process that measures training effectiveness and supports the development of our training material. Completed anonymously, training delegates are asked to consider eight evaluation themes and give each one a rating from 1 to 5, the results of which are shown below alongside some of the great testimonials notated on the forms:
Below Average Average Good Excellent Outstanding
Q1 Delegate enjoyment of the course     1% 10% 89%
Delegate Testimonials   "great course, thoroughly enjoyed it" .... "better than expected, many thanks" .... "please come  back again next year, preferably in the summer tho!" ....  "Ace, loved the practical" ...
Q2 Achievement of course objectives      1% 11% 88%
Delegate Testimonials   " feel much more equipped to fulfil my role as FM" .... "great course, have done this sort of thing before but learnt more this time around" ....  "all points covered as set out at the beginning " .... "enjoyed the recap at the end" ...
Q3 Length of Training - Theory Element     1% 12% 87%
Delegate Testimonials   "very thorough and informative" .... "wasn't bored and never looked at my watch, thanks for a great course" .... "definitely enjoyed it, time just flew by" .... "not too long and not too short" ...
Q4 Length of Training - Practical Element 1%   3% 10% 86%
Delegate Testimonials   " fabulous, could put out fires all day long" ... "great experience, now feel able to tackle small fires" .... "Keep participant numbers to a maximum of say 10 , it was cold outside" ...."cool course, didn't expect it to be so much fun" ..."shame about the weather!"
Q5 Trainer Knowledge and Expertise       4% 96%
Delegate Testimonials   "cheers, there was nothing you didnt know!"  .... "knowledge and experience shone through" .... "nothing went unexplained or unanswered" ...
Q6 Trainer Delivery & Presentation Skills       6% 94%
Delegate Testimonials   "very professional and entertaining" .... "showed interest in my questions and took time to expand on the basics" .... "kept to time and got us all involved" .... "  nice to be encouraged to join in and not just be talked at" .... "hope to see you again" ...
Q7 Delegate enhancement in fire safety knowledge   1% 6% 25% 68%
Delegate Testimonials   "didn't realise t here was so much to know about extinguishers, many thanks for enlightening me" .... "I already had good fire safety knowledge but this was a nice refresher" ... "thanks for making me see how quick fire can spread" ..."have done this before but still useful as a refresher"
Q8 Confidence in practical use of fire extinguishers     2% 22% 76%
Delegate Testimonials   "was great to acutally use the extinguishers" ..... "was nervous about using extinguishers before but not any more" .... "I've used extinguishers before" .... "thought all extinguishers were the same, this has shown me they aren't" .... "wouldn't hesitate using one now" ...


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